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[25 Apr 2003|10:10am]
Taken from DD.com

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the formation of Duran
Duran back in 1978, the five original band members Simon, John,
Nick, Andy and Roger (affectionately known by Rolling Stones magazine
as `The Fab Five')- are today announcing a handful of dates over the
course of the summer, starting with four in Japan, in July.

And you are the first to know...

Monday July 7th - Osaka - Jo Hall

Tuesday July 8th - Fukuoka - Zepp

Thursday July 10th - Nagoya - Century Hall

Friday July 11th - Tokyo The Budokan

Tickets for these shows will go on sale in early MAY.

While these are the only dates scheduled as of now, more ARE expected
and will be posted on DuranDuran.com as soon as they are available.
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Taken from NME 4th January: [06 Jan 2003|09:33am]
A to Z of 2003:

D is for Duran Duran - Back At Last!

The Evidence:
1. Members of The Strokes have been wearing Duran Duran T-shirts (if only
to piss off Nick who is dating Amanda De Cadenet, John Taylor of Duran's ex

2. Bands like The Faint are rocking the Durannies' synth/guitar, rock/disco

3. Moby is covering Girls On Film

4. Nick Rhodes has become a sought-after producer. He's currently working
with The Dandy Warhols

5. The trademark Duran Duran white jacket with sleeves rolled up has made a
comeback at Trash

6. There's a rumoured hot new Duran Duran album on the go with a label
bidding war worth millions-if they agree to get Simon slimmed down. Allegedly.

Why This Is A Good Thing:

1. Good looking dudes with remarkable clothes and even more remarkable
haircuts singing about girls and space is a good thing

2. The 80's were a time of pop sensibility where people took loads of great
drugs and released records with the aim of getting on top of the pops

3. New Romanticism grew out of a hedonistic club culture which was as good,
if not better, at enjoying itself as any other generation in pop history

4. Duran Duran and their ilk were full of pretentious bollocks which made
for great reading

5. Duran Duran understood the golden rule of great pop - how you look and
what you say is just as important as how you sound

6. When this thing really catches on, Noel Gallagher will have to start
wearing make up
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Absence makes the heart grow fonder [18 Dec 2002|10:34pm]
Or so they say.

Xmas 2002, and I wish you all a very merry holiday and best wishes for 2003. A lot is expected of the so called "reunion" let's hope it works out ok and this time next year we can look back on a year of duran revival and live performances. This site had been rather neglected of late so I hope you enjoy the new downloads I'm making available over the festive season.

Have a good one!

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Duran Duran win new album deal [04 Jul 2002|04:49pm]
by Richard Simpson

Eighties rock band Duran Duran have been forced to embark on a dieting and fitness programme to secure a 10 million recording contract.

After recording their first album with the original lineup for 15 years, the band have triggered a bidding war between labels keen to release it. Universal, EMI, Sony and BMG are among those offering a massive advance for rights to a three to five album deal.

The tracks recorded by Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor and John Taylor are said to be some of their best. But there remains one stumbling block.

"There has been some concern that they won't match up to what pop band members look like today - but they're pretty fit now," said a friend of the band. "They are all now in great form, physically. The music is some of their best and they really look the part. It's incredible to think that they are in their forties."

The 10 million contract is one of the largest offered to a band who have reformed with an original line-up after such a sustained absence.

Le Bon, Rhodes and another artist - Warren Cuccurullo - have been performing under the band's name for the last few years, with little success. Cuccurullo has now left to rejoin to his old band. Meanwhile, the band's other three original members - Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor and John Taylor - have returned. Le Bon, 43, said: "It's something we are very much looking forward to. There has always been an incredible chemistry and musical energy when we have got together."

Before the band went their separate ways in the Eighties, they were one of the most successful groups in British musical history. Their debut album Duran Duran in 1980 reached No 3 in the UK charts, selling 2.5 million copies. Their 1982 album Rio spawned three UK Top 10 hits - Hungry Like The Wolf, Save A Prayer, and Rio.

Other hits have included Bond track A View To A Kill, Notorious and Wild Boys. The group is rated 68th in the top 500 bands of all time by the Guinness Book of Records and have notched up 222 weeks in the singles charts since they began, 22 years ago.

Drummer Roger Taylor, 42, lives with his wife Giovanna and their children in Barnes. Lead singer Le Bon is married to model Yasmin, and lives with their three children. John Taylor, 40, once married to Amanda De Cadenet has made his acting debut and lives in LA. Rhodes, 40, is a staple on the party circuit and in gossip columns. Guitarist Andy Taylor, 41, left the band and launched an unsuccessful solo career in the US.
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[02 Jul 2002|09:08pm]

bono, bowie, duran June 29 2002
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[30 Jun 2002|06:34pm]
"Kill that light it's so bright
And you're shining it right in my eyes"
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[28 Jun 2002|11:20pm]
Go and buy David Bowies new album Heathen now!!
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The Premiere Of The Brittany Andrews Show [10 Apr 2002|01:22pm]
ource: Adult Industry News
by: Steve Nelson
With the witty banter of an experienced talk show host and her bubbly, signature laugh chiming through the studio, Brittany's premiere of The Brittany Andrews Show played to a packed studio audience. The show had Teri Weigel, Warren Cuccurullo, and Jeff Palmer as her guests, and Syren latex clothier Andy Wilkes' live fashion show.

Brittany's next guest, Warren Cuccurullo from Duran Duran, Missing Persons and Frank Zappa's band, has a replica of his penis coming out in Feb. He's up for Brittany's Bitch Boys. Brittany wants to make it into a strap on and fuck him in the ass with his own dick. He'll be in Las Vegas for the convention signing for Cal Exotics. When asked his orientation by Brittany, Warren stated he was "pan sexual". Brittany replied, "What the fuck is that?!" Cuccurullo mentioned he likes water sports and then leaves his face wet to shave with it. Through a question asked by computer he was asked about his musical influences and said Frank Zappa was a main influence. Missing Persons and Duran Duran have also been a great part of his life. Brittany then asked if he had ever done Dale Bozzio. He said Bozzio was married to Missing Person drummer, so he only gave her head until the divorce then were together briefly. Cuccurullo then played a song entitled Suddenly Spring from the Road Rage CD. In saying good-bye Brittany told him, "I look forward to raping your ass." Go by Warren Cuccurullo's website at http://www.Cuccurullo.tv.
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100,000 [04 Apr 2002|09:43pm]
This site reached 100,000 hits last week, something that I'm really quite proud off. It's hard to remember exactly when I started mymedazzaland, I think it was early in '99. I remember wanting to share the GOF remixes that had just been released. I also remember being annoyed at the fact that it was so hard to obtain decent duran bootlegs without paying through the nose for them. I remember talking to a great duran friend of mine about how if I had access to bootlegs I would not hesitate to upload them all for free so that everyone could listen to them. After all what is a bootleg? It is a copy of an artists recording made without their permission. Is it illegal? Well yes it is, but every band lives with the fact that live recordings are made without their permission, most of these are not of sufficient quality to be marketable. But when you see such bootlegs being sold for unreasonable amounts of money by people who really are not fans of the band, but fans of making money it is annoying. MyMedazzaland was the first site to offer complete bootleg titles for download, I suppose it was only going to be a matter of time before the free sharing site MySpace collapsed under the pressure of the service it was offering. But at one time I did have a huge amount of music available, albeit at slow downloads, but it was up there, and I spent a hell of a lot of time getting it there.

Since then the site has evolved and I've been happy with it as a good resource for fans to learn about the bootlegs available. I've had a great time trading titles with other fans, and also a great time creating new duran bootlegs. I was the first person to create the Dreamboy bootleg and video, which I love to see cropping up in other peoples collections. I love my B sides collection - We Need You, which unlike other mp3 collections is an accurate reflection of durans single history in the UK. My Storytellers recording is one of my favourites, reflecting the great time I had at the show.

Of late I haven't had the time I would like to devote to the site, but still enjoy collecting audio, recent additions include the last show the Rhodes/Le Bon/Cucurullo version of the band will ever perform in Japan, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts of that show with you.

Recently I have been criticised for not uploading files, and for ripping fans off by offering CD's for sale. My intention has never been to rip anyone off, and anybody who has tried to reproduce audio with good quality labels and cover art knows that to charge 10 or 15 dollars for a CD including postage is no rip off. The only person I end up ripping off is myself. I recieve only favourable comments from people who spend money on CD's from me, the day I receive complaints I will stop.

For anyone that's reading this and has enjoyed my site, thanks! Thanks for the comments and support I've had. I'm looking forward to seeing the new duran this year, and meeting up with all the great people I've met through my love for the band.

I hope you have a great 2002, and I hope all those Taylors come visit a town near you soon!
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Who are these imposters? [03 Apr 2002|09:04pm]

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New Mix [08 Feb 2002|07:23pm]
Master Mixer Milt has come up with another cool d2 mix from the late 80's early 90's era. Download "BigLibertyThing" from http://www.miltsmixes.com today!!
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Very amusing [25 Jan 2002|08:05pm]
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[20 Jan 2002|03:37pm]
Daily Star - UK - 17th January 2002

The original Duran Duran line-up are recording their first album for 16 years - and drummer Roger Taylor has given Bitches an exclusive insight.

It was the highlight of our night when we bumped into the legendary musician at a showbiz bash, and he was only too pleased to confide in us about the Eighties New Romantics band's comeback album.

One-time Wild Boys Roger, singer Simon le Bon, keyboard player Nick Rhodes, bass player John Taylor and guitarist Andy Taylor have joined forces once more.

Roger told us: "It's very exciting for us. We've been in the studio for about six months, pooling our ideas and writing together. It's been a very long time since we've recorded as a band. We've all been off doing our own things musically and raising families and things. But we felt it was the right time to make a brand new album."

Girls On Film, Hungry Like The Wolf, Save A Prayer, Rio, Is There Something I Should Know?, The Reflex, Wild Boys and View To A Kill - surely they're the sorts of classics which just can't be topped? True, our Rog agrees.

"The songs we're writing will hopefully appeal to our original fanbase as well as young people who maybe aren't that acquainted with Duran Duran. Some of the songs are really funky and some of them will be re-mixed. We're just having fun doing it and being together again."

The album, which doesn't have a title yet, is due out at the end of the year.
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[20 Jan 2002|03:36pm]

After a brief trial period together, the band and Miles Copeland have amicably decided to part company, but have not ruled out working on some projects together in the future.

The first track to be completed on the recording front for the new album is entitled "Taste the Summer." It is an "up tempo-groove number," according to the band.
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Retreat into Art [05 Jan 2002|03:03pm]
Go and buyit NOW!

"1995 - 2000:
"Retreat Into Art" is a special limited edition release. Two CDs, a beautifully designed 24 page booklet, postcards, a button and a poster - it's the fulfillment of everything that TTP has released these last five years. I've chosen my favourite unreleased songs, alternative mixes and remixes. It's really the whole story, five years with me and TTP. I'm very excited about it, and you're gonna love it!" -JT"
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[02 Jan 2002|04:05pm]

Which David Bowie are you?

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Happy New Year [02 Jan 2002|02:03pm]
Thanks to all my friends, and all the people who have supported this website in 2001. 2002 is going to be a great Duran year, so have fun and have a happy new year!
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13X12 [23 Dec 2001|08:55pm]
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ROG NICKS WILD BOYS [23 Dec 2001|08:54pm]
Duran Duran drummer Roger Taylor has been hailed a hero after catching a gang of shoplifters.

The 41-year-old - currently in the studio with the rest of the band as they record their comeback album - chased the teenage boys when he spotted them stealing at his local shop in Barnes, South-West London, last week.

An onlooker says: "There was just an old lady serving behind the counter and she was too scared to run after the shoplifters.

"Roger legged it out of the shop after the boys and sped down the road.

"He caught up with them and made them hand everything over."

What a star.
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That time of year again... [27 Oct 2001|09:00am]

Happy Birthday

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